Rangel Legal provides busy law firms and sole practitioners quality legal work, performed by a skilled attorney, within your budget and timeframe.

Freelance attorneys essentially serve as “as needed” associates and handle substantive legal work on a project basis. Like an associate, Rangel Legal can perform legal research, draft briefs, motions and other documents.

Unlike an associate, you do not need to provide freelance attorneys with office space, a regular salary, employee benefits, payroll taxes or steady work. Contracting Rangel Legal on as “as-needed” basis is an excellent way to obtain greater workload efficiency and profitability at your law office while reducing your level of stress and allowing you more time to effectively manage your caseload or develop your business. Your clients can also benefit from the reduced overhead costs associated with freelance attorneys, making the situation a win-win for all involved.

Competent attorneys and experienced legal assistants can perform work remotely, on a project or hourly basis, in a variety of practice areas. Rangel Legal is committed to the ethical practice of law and assures compliance with all rules of professional responsibility.

We offer fees based on projects or based on the hours invested for the following legal services:

  • Legal research
  • Memorandums of law
  • Draft briefs, motions and other pleadings
  • Draft correspondence
  • Draft settlement agreements
  • Settlement offers and evaluations
  • Trial preparations including pre-trial memorandums and drafting outlines for direct and cross examination
  • Draft written discovery such as interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admission and/or responses to discovery
  • Organize, chart and analyze discovery
  • Summarize deposition transcripts and hearing transcripts
  • Draft appeal briefs
  • Analyze and discuss case strategy
  • Communicate with clients via email and phone
  • Consult and screen possible clients through telephone intakes
  • Foreign legal consulting to non-U.S. law firms and associations
  • Legal blog writing and marketing materials such as newsletters, articles and websites
  • Administrative services and translations by qualified non-attorney professionals